The Inner Guru – The Yoga of Self-Love



Yoga means Union, but how can we unite with our higher self – or even with somebody else – if we do not fully love ourselves and accept us as we are – perfect godly beings of love and full of light?

It is easier for us to find the godliness and the perfectness in somebody else be it a god-like figure, a guru, a yoga teacher, but it is difficult to find it inside of us.
Yoga will take you on the path to yourself to your inner light. Let that light shine and totally and fully accept yourself. Find your inner guru. LOVE

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


Our Yoga Teacher Trainings can be life-changing and transforming. Here is a testimonial from one of our beautiful students now teachers

“My experience at Soul and Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training course taught me a incredible number of things. Nicole helped to build a safe space for our group to really learn about yoga and ourselves. Although we each had our own challenges and trials to deal with, the group was really supportive and Nicole inspired all of us to reach for our own potential. She is a really wonderful teacher, full of passion and the incredible ability to share the joy of yoga. I can happily say that I was given the skills to begin teaching yoga and also the interest to continue learning myself.”
Tara, USA

Thank you Tara, you are amazing!yoga 1

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HAPPINESS.. can Yoga make us happy?


What is Happiness.. and can Yoga really make us happy? Is love and air really everything we need to be happy? Why are a few people happy and a few not? Is it in the genes? Is it about the place you live at, the relationships you have, the job you have, the yogapants you are wearing? Can I keep happiness? Can I always be happy?

Hello from Germany. I am in Hamburg and preparing for a HAPPINESS YOGA Retreat in July at the most beautiful Schaalsee and as it is of course.. Happiness is chasing me :).. my whole world revolves around Happiness and the key to Happiness ..

There are as many Strategies and Lifestyle Books about Happiness as Ice Cream flavours out there, each one telling the same same but ..a bit different.
The more I am trying to get into the topic of Happiness the more I see what a market we have created around Happiness and how many people want to sell us Happiness by buying this shampoo or donating for this NGO, its big.. so we are looking for Happiness

This morning on my creative spacemat.. my  yogamat I got rememberd..
Yogi Bhajan says “Happiness is your birthright”, but what does that mean?
You have to claim it for you, you have to understand it, you have to connect to your source, to your true nature, to your happiness and from that place you can ONLY find true happiness.
Every layer on top of that is just a layer.. it is not your true nature. So here we come to Yoga, through Yoga Asanas you can connect to your source, to yourself, you peeloff  the layers and find what is already there, YOUR TRUE NATURE – HAPPINESS.

Do your Yoga and claim your own Happiness!!


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A few reasons for taking the Soul & Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


Are you in love with Yoga?
Do you want to share your passion of Yoga with all the others outside there?
Do you want to do every day what makes youhappy and serve humanity?
3 YES and you are so ready to take our Soul & Yoga Teacher Training …

So how do you decide in this jungle of Yogaschools and styles which one is the best for you?
FOLLOW YOUR HEART.. LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.. see and feel what excites you.

Of course look for professionality, look for a Yoga Alliance registered school, look for experienced, loving and open-minded teachers.

I can with my full heart assure you that all this you will find in our 200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa.
Our Trainings combine a solid and safe foundation for Teaching Vinyasa Yoga under the guidance of Advanced Teachers aaand  we will give you that little extra hinch of connecting to your true potential :).
Our Teacher Trainings are for example in the only ones in India that wil give you profound information on Yoga and Music Sequencing.
We also have an emphasis on combining proper allignment with creative flowing sequences and Hands-on-Adjustments.

Follow your calling and step into your destiny.. see you soon in beautiful Goa!

Namaste, love and light

The Gap or Natures Art of Silence




Have you experienced it?
You know what I am talking about these beautiful moments when the mind is still, the body is blissfull and the heart is open… we are connected in that moment. When do we step into it? On the Yogamat? Definetly yes 🙂
Sitting on a Pillow and trying to Meditate? With the IPod on the ears running in spacy shoes around? Hmm….

We can enter it all the time, nature is our sanctuary. Be open for the Gap.
Listen to nature.. yes.. thats the whole secret…just listen to nature.. and i mean nothing else.. no voice, no car sound, no breath just the sound of the ocean, the birds, the trees.. in whichever form mother nature is surrounding you.. immediately you are connected to the one source.
With Love, Nicci